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Composition and Writing

Right now, I’m helping to write lyrics with Tash to finish off the new Mankind Is Obsolete record. This album in particular has been one of the most challenging ones yet; it seems that for every step forward we make, we go two steps back because we’ll get caught on a part that just doesn’t seem to want to come out. Tonight is a great example; we’re working on the newest in progress songs, and we’re stuck on a chorus. We made (what I think) an awesome first verse, but the chorus is eluding both of us for some reason. And to top it off, Tash isn’t feeling so great about her role as a writer/singer because of it!


Mankind Is Obsolete

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Mankind Is Obsolete

I’ve been an active member of MKIO for the last 6 years. Ever since joining, it was love at first note. We are on task to release a new album this year. I will be posting more info here soon about the band!


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