Scott at the university of Oran w/ MKIO in Oran, Algeria

Passion. Love. Drive. Focus. My life up until now could be defined by the previous four words. These days, when I’m not playing shows or running on mountain trails, I spend most of my hours locked inside of my home studio either coding, creating sounds, practicing my guitar or writing/composing music. I am currently a native of Los Angeles; to be more exact, I’m proud to hail out of Eagle Rock, located in east LA.


The six string guitar has always been the biggest passion that I’ve ever had ever since I picked one up during highschool and taught myself how to play. Ever since, I’ve had a very deep love affair with this instrument. No matter what life has had to throw at me, no matter what crazy paths I have walked down, this instrument always come back to me. After more than half a decade of almost constant shows, albums, and tours I am at a point in my life where I have decided to commit myself more fully to music and to my instrument, which I’ll talk more about below. I’ve been playing for 16 years now and I can definitely say for a fact that I’m still learning how to play whenever I sit down with this instrument.

Sound/audio hacking

I practice what I love to call ‘sound-hacking’. It is the practice of using a combination of art and science to arrive at a particular sound. Using a combination of effects, amplification, guitars and playing technique, I can arrive at very specific sounds. As well, I love the general use/misuse and manipulation of audio. I’ve been delving deeper into this as of late will will be sharing a lot of my progress and results on this and other blogs in the future.


I am obsessed with film score and soundtrack music, to the point where that is almost all of what I listen to these days. Besides writing songs in band situations, my newest goal is to become a composer for film and tv.


Photography is an art that i just started getting more into; there is something magical to capturing a moment, or slice if you will, of time on camera. to capture that moment in such a way that evokes emotion – beauty, pain, hurt, wonder – is my goal. I’ve recently taken a Photo 101 class at my local community college and it has opened my eyes in a lot of ways. I currently have a limited amount of prints on sale at my etsy site @


I’ve been developing websites on and off for the last 15 years of my life to supplement my income. It is safe to say that I got into computing and technology even before I thought about picking up a guitar! I was exposed to computers at a very young age as my mom worked at Princeton University when i was growing up, and had early access to the internet (before most people have even heard of it). As well, I took part in the BBS scene back in the early 90s, and even setup my own BBS for people to call in on. I was entranced by the philosophical concept of hacking (not so much the illegal part, though I did my fair share of explorations when I was younger…) – which has influenced almost every aspect of my life. The concept of freedom of information, network security and punk rock had a big effect on me.

The Future

As I’ve said above, I am currently committing myself 100% to music and pursuit of my passions. In the past, I’ve held down many full and part time jobs while always having to squeeze in time for the things that really matter. I can happily say that I am now pursuing my passions full time – and in the process I’m figuring out how to pay my bills as I go along. It’s definitely not a safe or comfortable path, but it is my path. I’ve always done things a bit differently. Considering the fact that I am just now planning on going back to school full time in the near future to pursue a degree in composition and performance, and to take advantage of film scoring programs at local private universities definitely makes for an interesting change of events in my life. As well, I have many passion/business ideas that I now have time to actually execute; so I will be documenting all of my progress in those realms as well. Finally, I’m on the path I was always meant to be on, and I feel like my life on this planet just got started.


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