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I recently completed a fully customized plugin for a Before and After photo gallery for WordPress. This was done for a private client so it won’t be put up for public consumption; however, I may one day release a version that could be open sourced… Will make an update about that eventually.

The plugin was coded using a combination of WP custom post types and taxonomies, along with special functionality to upload photos in bulk, and automatically create new galleries based on the file name. Lots of regular expressions went into that functionality, which is something i never got a chance to really play around with.

One thing i discovered during the development phase is how important testing is during the development process. I had an agile approach in the sense that I would release a version every day or two, and would implement client feedback into the development cycle. In all, the project took 2.5 weeks to finish from inception to final delivery.

As well, I learned a lot about WordPress core in the process; there is a lot that one can do with a bit of knowledge (and the ability use google). I can happily say that WordPress plugin development is definitely in my tool set of skills now.

If you are a client that’s interested in having a custom made WordPress plugin matched to your software needs, please contact me and I will be glad to start the process with you!


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